Saying goodbye to summer ♥

For a good part of the year I was stuck in a place without creativity and motivation… my camera was forgotten. I became critical of anything I photographed and wondered what was the point??? I stopped posting or if I did post anything, I would soon delete it because I felt silly. I don’t even know why… maybe pressures of my daily life got in the way… a new job took all my focus… settling back after my trip to Brasil took my time… worrying about what people would think about my images or what I wrote occupied my mind… oh so many silly little thoughts going through my brain.


Why do we worry so much about what people will think or say? Maybe because some of them force their opinions down your throat…. maybe because English is not your first language and people love to correct you🙂 In turn, you feel like never saying a word again. But then you think to yourself, how many languages can they speak??? Their own is the answer most of the time. Who made you the English teacher anyway?🙂

Why does one negative word has so much impact in your life? When you have a 100 that are positive? Why do we tear each other apart? Why do we get indifferent? I don’t know why! Human nature I suppose! But one thing I do know, we have the power to encourage or to tear someone, something apart!


But this time in the ‘desert’ has taught me some valuable lessons…

Sometimes it’s ok to take a break and not feel guilty… sometimes there are just too many things to deal with and your focus has to be elsewhere for a little while…sometimes you just have to wait! Other times you have to push through and keep trying…


Things will happen in life and people will discourage you (many times not knowing). But we can choose how to react to that and use hard times to persevere!

I know I want to use my words to encourage and that is the whole reason for writing this post. Don’t give up on what you enjoy doing because that is a part of you. Photography is a part of me and I’m complete when I come home with a good crop.


My name is Gisele Morgan, I am not a writer, I am not a photographer… I’m just a girl that likes to use her camera to paint a picture and loves to capture pretty things.

English is not my first language and sometimes I will get dump and damp mixed up! I am ok with that🙂 You should be too!

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Getting my mojo back ♥

It has been months since I went out with my camera and photographed something I thought it was worth sharing. So I am glad to be able to share these images today.

Not that I am not critical of them, but I’ve decided to enjoy photography again and stop wanting everything to look perfect and just get creative ♥

It was a lovely day spent around Salisbury today, a very pretty and quirky town in the UK. With a beautiful cathedral, parks, river, cottages and all that English charm ♥

But for this little post I only picked some of the pretty flowers I found around the town.

Some of the pretty period houses and quirky little windows and doors I posted on instagram.


I am on holiday for a week now and I plan to go around with my camera and enjoy the simple yet beautiful things I find around me ♥

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Vintage Summer ♥

I’m dreaming of a vintage summer…

02 deckchairs

winter has been going on far too long in the UK and we even had some snow this week.

06 viewpoint

so I visited the archives to find some summer inspiration ♥

06 Marine

images were taken last summer, during a day trip to Lyme Regis & Weymouth – in Dorset, England.

05 Marine

Two charming British seaside towns, great for a walk with the camera and some fish & chips for lunch.

08 vespa

seaside images are one of my favourites, I just love all the summer colours and quirkiness of beach life ♥

09 flowers

Summer 2013 we await you!🙂

A brazilian market ♥

Markets have become one of my favourite places to visit and photograph.

I just love capturing day to day scenes that to me, tell me so much about a place and its culture. What better place to taste and buy local produce, yummy treats and crafts that are typical to the place you are visiting.

Below are some images from my local Saturday market, back in my hometown, Pelotas – Brasil.


These images were taken during a 3 months trip to Brasil, between October 2012 to January 2013.


I had some places in mind I liked to visit with my camera and this was one of them.


so my mum and I were off one sunny Saturday morning with our shopping bags and camera …


I was the only one there with a big camera around my neck, in fact the only one there with a camera full stop:)


 I was a bit shy… when photographing in public places I try to be as discreet as possible.


I did however attract the attention of some friendly locals who even posed for me… next time I will be braver and may even ask people to take their photo. But I do prefer more natural scenes and catching people in a moment.


These images are so Brazilian and familiar to me, we love our food! Oh everything tastes so good and sweet!


I grew up eating fruit within season, freshly and locally produced.


If there is something I miss about Brasil that would be the food.

My childhood consisted of sitting outside, on a sunny autumn afternoon eating oranges and nectarines with my dad, or enjoying a refreshing watermelon in summer. Strawberries, pineapples, grapes and peaches were other favourites too. (I also remember eating tomatoes as if I was eating an apple:)


People really value good quality food and we pay the price for them too. Compared to the UK, food is not cheap in Brasil.

We do get our fruit and veg from local markets, our meat from butchers and bread from our local bakery.


My mouth is watering now…


Besides all the good food, I also loved that rustic farm feel to the market.


People were friendly and laid back, no one tried to make me buy anything, neither they were the bargaining prices type.


The sweetest basket in the market ♥

05 eggs

There goes my mum in the background, probably wondering what I was photographing this time…


This was one of my favourites places I visited and favourite photos I took whilst in Brasil. Favourite because they bring back all those sweet memories of growing up in a tropical country, but also and most importantly – time spent with my mamma ♥

It is a beach hut love ♥

Yesterday the sun was shining in England🙂 since we have had mainly gray days, this is a big deal!  I was of course jumping for joy and beach huts!


so the Morgan household, dog and camera were off to Mudeford Sandbank Beach – Dorset England ♥


This was my first official UK photo walk of the year, and since being back from Brasil. What a great place to start!


Beach Huts/anything seaside are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. I just love the calming colours and all their english beach charm.


With over 300 beach huts to choose from, I was kept occupied for a good few hours…


paying attention to all those important details ♥


You can rent some of them in summer, they are fully equipped with kitchen, lounge, bedroom area and a great selection of beach nik naks🙂


Alternatively, if you have over £100,000 going spare, you can buy yourself your very own beach hut! (Oh I wish I did!)


But for now I will enjoy capturing their pretty colours…


dreaming of my very own english beach hut some day…


Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside ♥

Gone fishing!

Hello guys! It has been a while since I posted something on here… I’m back in the UK now after a 3 months trip to my home country Brasil ♥

I would like to document and share some images from this trip with you, and I hope you enjoy visiting Brasil through my eyes… I thought I would start with one of my favourite places discovered on this trip: Garopaba!

07 Garopaba boat blushfinal_edited-2

A beautiful and charming beach town, located in the beautiful state of Santa Catarina – southern Brasil. With only 20.000 inhabitants, it has the most chilled out beach atmosphere.


It was an early start for my mum and I as we made our way to the bus station to get our bus at 7:00 am. The start of a 12 hours journey… the scenery was beautiful all the way through, the bus was so comfortable and with some snacks and chatting, the journey didn’t take long at all!

The best way to get to know a country is definitely by road!


When we arrived at our destination (also home to family members we were there visiting), the chilled out atmosphere just hit me! I felt I was on holiday and all my worries and stresses of life were left behind.


One of my favourite places was Garopaba Beach and its fishing village. During our week stay, we had many morning and end of afternoon walks on here!


As you can see, I just fell in love with the rustic mood and quirkiness of the place. I mean just look at those fishing huts!


Oh how I love these quirky details… Ohh I do I do ALOT! I was in heaven! And also left behind with my camera many times🙂


I’m still a bit shy with my camera so I was trying really hard to photograph this Dear Sir without him noticing… maybe I should had just asked! Brazilian people are so welcoming and approachable – if I may say so myself🙂

He was just staring at the sea for ages… with the most chilled out attitude.


Inside a fisherman’s world… oh the lovely mess!


Just up the road there is also a historic centre, with some beautiful colonial buildings and a pretty catholic church. Just like any good brazilian town! (I will probably include some images on another post)…  the sea views and the back of those huts were just breath-taking🙂


The sun was shining, I could hear the birds, the waves, life was good, life was perfect ♥  Well…  I got slightly sunburnt on my first day but please don’t tell anyone!


I’m finishing this post with my favourite image – the old fusca (beetle) are still so popular in Brasil and you see many around. I also loved someone’s creativity to make sure those pipes stay in place!🙂

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